ISDP 2020 Virtual Meeting Workshop: Using Experience Sampling Method (ESM) for studying parenting: A practical workshop

Positive parenting is extremely important for healthy development of the child. Many researchers study parenting by observing parenting behaviors or by parent and/or child self-report questionnaires. In this workshop, a group of young researchers from the “Parenting ESM group” in the Netherlands and Belgium will provide you with a practical overview of ESM research.

ISDP 2020 Virtual Meeting Breakout Room Topic Interest Survey

During the ISDP 2020 Virtual Meeting we are looking for ways for people to interact with others in the virtual format. We have adopted a practice from other organizations to offer a 1 hour breakout session where you will be able to sign up to go to a couple of breakout rooms to discuss topics of interest to you, moderated by experts in the field.

To determine which options would be of most interest to you please rank order which breakout rooms you would be most likely to attend.

You can either drag items to rank them or under the double arrows beside each option you can choose the rank.


ISDP 2020 IS NOW COMING TO YOU AS A VIRTUAL MEETING! We are moving ahead with a virtual meeting so that we can share our science. Therefore, we highly encourage you to prepare and collaborate with colleagues for ISDP 2020 in this virtual setting. The deadline for submission of abstracts, travel awards, and nominations for society awards has been extended to August 15th.