Rules of Wiley Best Student Paper Award 

  1. The work described and the writing of the paper must primarily have been done by the student (the specific contributions of the student must be detailed in writing to the Editor-in-Chief of the journal).
  2. The work must be completed before the PhD is awarded.
  3. The student must be first author.
  4. The manuscript must initially be submitted within three years of receiving the PhD.
  5. Neither the contestant nor advisor needs to be a member of the society or to attend the annual meeting to win.
  6. A subcommittee will judge the contest. (If a conflict of interest arises—e.g., student of a judge applies—the editor of the journal will appoint a replacement judge.)
  7. The editor will remind authors of articles accepted in the journal of the contest and ask the corresponding author if the first author is an eligible student. Eligibility must be confirmed in writing by the student’s advisor or PhD author of the paper.
  8. The winner will be announced at each year’s meeting
  9. Criteria for judging will include scientific significance, originality, contribution by the student, and presentation style.

The goals of the award are to:

  • To promote the highest quality of student research in the field of developmental psychobiology.
  • To encourage students in the field to submit their best work to Developmental Psychobiology