52nd Annual Meeting of the ISDP

October 16-18, 2019

Swissôtel Chicago, Chicago, USA

(On the SfN Hotel Shuttle Route)

& Perinatal Pre-Conference Symposium
Sponsored by the International Perinatal Brain and Behavior Network (IPBBN)

Program Director
Amy Learmonth, William Paterson University

Conference Coordinator
Sonia A. Cavigelli, Pennsylvania State University

To view the online, interactive program, please click here: https://www.xcdsystem.com/isdp/program/wjRYIy2/index.cfm

Information for Poster Presenters:

Posters should be sized 42″ X 42″ to be a maximum of 42 inches (106 centimeters) WIDE and 42 inches (106 centimeters) TALL. The poster boards are 8′ wide X 4′ tall, but will be accommodating 2 posters on each side, thus each poster presenter has 1/2 of the width of the poster board for their poster width.

Prepare a 20 cm high title strip that runs the full width of the poster. Use a black and bold typeface, not smaller than 30 mm in height for the title and at least 20 mm for author’s names and affiliations (the height refers to capital and tall letters), Capital letters are usually more difficult to read than small letters. Include your Presentation ID number from program in the TOP RIGHT corner of the poster, these numbers will also be fixed to your poster board side, so you will know where to mount your poster.

If you are a presenters in Poster Session 1, please plan to put up your poster on Wednesday before the start of the session and remove it before 9:00 AM on Thursday morning. Presenters in Poster Session 2, please plan to put your poster on Thursday morning after 9:00 AM and remove your poster by 11:00 AM on Friday morning. All poster presenters are required to be at their posters during their scheduled session to discuss their work with attendees.

Information for Oral Presenters and Invited Speakers:

To view the online, interactive program, please click here: https://www.xcdsystem.com/isdp/program/wjRYIy2/index.cfm

Please be sure to keep to the schedule within the time allocation for your scheduled presentation, as listed above. Presenters of Oral Abstracts in the Oral Abstract Sessions 1-3 should plan to include 2 minutes for discussion/Q&A within their alloted time, at the end of their talk. Please do not plan to speak for the entire time alloted, but keep the last 2 minutes for discussion/Q&A. Invited Speakers in the Symposium Sessions and other invited speakers do not need to allow time at the end of their talks  for discussion as there will be a Discussion / Q&A following all the talks in the symposium sessions and other special sessions.


For on-site assistance with your oral presentation, please see Sonia Cavigelli, ISDP Conference Coordinator or Julie Campbell, ISDP Conference Coordinator-Elect. (Important: If you have volunteered to help with AV you must attend a brief orientation on Wednesday at 12:00 noon OR Thursday at 7:30 a.m. in the Lucnerne I&II Ballroom.)

Please provide your presentation as a Powerpoint file on a USB memory stick to the volunteer AV tech in the room. Please put the last name of the presenter FIRST in the file name; that will help keep things organized and load no later than the break before your session. A PC with Powerpoint 2019 will be at the podium. Our volunteers will pre-load your talk onto the central computer to avoid delays between presentations. The default position is “Presenter mode,” where notes and the next slide are visible to the presenter (but not the projector). The PC at the podium should be used, if at all possible (as it is faster and more reliable), but if you prefer to use your Mac, please do not forget to bring your own HDMI AV converter, however this is NOT recommended.