Information for In-Person Poster Presenters:

In-person Poster Sessions will be using the traditional boards and each presenter will be assigned a poster in their session for the full 90 minutes. The in-person poster presenters will also be required to submit their poster through the iPoster platform so they are accessible to our virtual participants (which can either be a pdf upload or using the iPoster templates for more in-depth information).

We recommend you to print your poster on paper (please avoid fabric). The necessary materials to hang your poster will be provided onsite. Poster board dimensions will be 4′ x 4’ or 121 cm X 121 cm, (2 posters on each side of a 8’ wide by 4′ tall board). Briefly, posters should be sized to be a maximum of 42 inches wide and 42 inches (106 centimeters) high but may be smaller. Poster presenters are expected to stand by their poster during their poster session. 

Prepare a 5-7″ (12 – 18 cm) high title strip that runs the full width of the poster. Use a large black and bold typeface for the title, and slightly smaller font for author’s names and affiliations. Capital letters are usually more difficult to read than small letters. Include your Presentation ID number from program in the TOP RIGHT corner of the poster (not your original abstract submission ID but the final program Presentation ID number), these numbers will also be fixed to your poster board side, so you will know where to mount your poster.

For poster session 1, please plan to put up your poster on Wednesday before the start of the session and remove it directly after the end of the session.  For poster session 2, please plan to put up your poster on Thursday morning before the AM coffee break and remove it directly after the end of the session. All poster presenters are required to be at their posters during their scheduled session to discuss their work with attendees and must be registered for the meeting no later than October 15, 2022 or their poster will be removed from the program and not be included in the journal issue. For more information about registration, please click here.

Virtual iPoster Sessions & iPoster Setup (all poster authors must also create an iPoster so that our virtual meeting attendees have access to all posters)

We will keep the Virtual iPoster Sessions separate from the in-person Poster Sessions. All poster authors will be required to also create an iPoster in the, which can either be a simple pdf upload of your in-person poster as well as using the full iPoster templates for more in-depth information. Our interactive iPoster platform will make it easy for authors to create presentations that bring their research to life – whether presented virtually online or live onsite in San Diego including:

  • Schedule video chat room discussions at multiple times and dates.
  • Unlimited text and multimedia content.
  • Upload high resolution images, high definition videos, and GIF’s.
  • Audio tools for adding oral presentations and other sound files.
  • Add simulations, visualizations, and sonifications.
  • Include links to external websites for viewing original source materials and other contextual content and other dynamic content. 

Information about the in-person and virtual meeting platform (Pheedloop), timing, schedule and other details will be sent to you soon as well as your invitation to start building your iPoster in the platform. Please add as a safe sender to your email server.

Virtual iPoster Sessions will be held on Thursday, November 10th for all poster authors. We will organize two Virtual Sessions during the meeting in San Diego to make them accessible for all virtual presenters as well as our in-person participants as follows:

Thursday, November 10, 2022

FOR VIRTUAL PRESENTERS & PARTICIPANTS LOCATED FROM EUROPE TO CHICAGO: Session will be held from 7AM – 9AM in San Diego (in-person presenters can present from their hotel rooms or from the conference area)

FOR VIRTUAL PRESENTERS & PARTICIPANTS LOCATED FROM THE USA WEST COAST TO ASIA AND AUSTRALIA: Session will be held from 8PM-10PM IN San Diego (in-person presenters can present from their hotel rooms or the conference area after the in-person poster session reception)

The ISDP Poster Sessions are always very popular networking events and a great opportunity to share your science with senior investigators as well as young investigators and students (attendance is estimated at 500 participants including the virtual participants).Your abstract will be published in a special FREE OPEN ACCESS issue of Developmental Psychobiology published by Wiley, the ISDP’s Official Journal

Information for Oral Presenters and Invited Speakers:

Please be sure to keep to the schedule within the time allocation for your scheduled presentation, as listed here. Presenters of Oral Abstracts should plan on an 8 minute talk followed by 2 minutes for discussion/Q&A at the end of their talk. Please do not plan to speak for the entire time alloted, but keep the last 2 minutes for discussion/Q&A. Invited Speakers in the Symposium Sessions and other invited speakers do not need to allow time at the end of their talks  for discussion as there will be a Discussion / Q&A following all the talks in the symposium sessions and other special sessions.


All oral presenters should bring their talk on a USB stick to the AV technician in the back of the Kon Tiki Ballroom during the break BEFORE the start of the session to load it on the technician’s presentation laptop.

Please provide your presentation as a Powerpoint file on a USB memory stick to the  AV tech in the room. Please put the last name of the presenter FIRST in the file name; that will help keep things organized and load no later than the break before your session. A PC with Powerpoint 2019 will be at the podium. The AV technician will pre-load your talk onto the central computer to avoid delays between presentations. The default position is “Presenter mode,” where notes and the next slide are visible to the presenter (but not the projector). The PC at the podium must be used to avoid delays between talks.

Virtual Oral or Symposium Presentations

If you are participating remotely, we will send you information on how to record your presentation and upload an MP4 file. You will then be able to join the Zoom and participating live in the discussion and Q&A. We will be using the Pheedloop Virtual Meeting platform used in 2021. We will need to know by October 15th whether you will be presenting virtually. Please email Joan Oefner, subject field: Virtual Oral or Symposium Presenter. All virtual oral or symposium presenters must be registered as a virtual meeting participant by October 15, 2022.

Aviary Ballroom Poster Sessions (ISDP 2018)
Kon Tiki Ballroom Plenary Sessions (ISDP 2018)