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On behalf of the board of directors of the International Society for Developmental Psychobiology, we are delighted to invite you to participate in ISDP 2024: the 57th Annual Meeting of the ISDP. Annual Meetings attendance is anticipated to be 300-350 participants. Join us for this opportunity to:

  • Connect with senior, mid-career, postdocs and students actively involved in developmental psychobiology research in a collegial environment. 
  • Gain recognition for supporting the premier international conference on developmental psychobiology 
  • Increased your brand’s visibility to the developmental psychobiology community.

About ISDP

The ISDP is an international organization founded in 1968 for the purpose of encouraging research on the development of behavior in all organisms including humans, with special attention to the effects of biological factors operating at any level of organization. Membership benefits include an online journal subscription to Developmental Psychobiology (for ALL members) and discounted registration at the annual meeting.

Annual Conference

The annual ISDP meeting allows researchers from all areas of developmental psychobiology to present their work in the form of symposia, oral presentations and poster presentations as well as Keynote speakers and Award Presentations. ISDP 2024 will be held at thee Swissôtel ChicagoOctober 2-4, 2024 immediately prior to the Society for Neuroscience 2024 conference.

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ISDP 2024 provides an excellent opportunity for your brand to be exposed to 300-350 delegates from the field of developmental psychobiology, as well as continued presence on the ISDP Website, social media and in emails to the membership. All sponsor packages include company logo in email blasts, on the website, on signs and break slides at the meeting and in the final program book.

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Magstim EGI tabletop at ISDP 2021 Hybrid meeting in Chicago

ISDP 2023 Perinatel Pre-Conference Lunch Workshop sponsored by Magstim EGI:

EEG assisted drug repurposing across the neurodevelopmental spectrum


Alterations in E/I ratios from various sources supposedly underlie clinical manifestations of neurodevelopmental disorders ranging from behavioral disturbances to seizures. Many existing and new pharmacological interventions target elements of E/I-balance regulation; however, lack of technology to track changes in E/I ratio   in a clinically insightful manner is limiting  their implementation. Based on our computational model, we recently put forward a patent-pending algorithm to quantify network-level E/I ratio (fE/I) directly from EEG signals (Bruining et al., 2020). We published proof-of-concept of pronounced fE/I dysregulation in two genetic neurodevelopmental disorders (Houtman et al., 2021; Juarez-martinez et al., 2022), and variability in treatment response to fE/I ratio in autism spectrum disorder (Juarez-Martinez et al., 2021). Building on these successes, our present objective is to improve and validate this technology to track pharmacological regulation of fE/I ratio as a clinically and mechanistically sound metric in relation to patient relevant outcome measures in multiple n-of-1 trial designs.

Prof. Dr. Hilgo Bruining | VKC Psyche | Kinder- en Jeugdpsychiater

Afdeling Kinder- en Jeugdpsychiatrie & Psychosociale Zorg

Artinis Medical Systems is an innovative Dutch company that develops near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) devices. NIRS is an imaging technique that allows to non-invasively measure oxy-, deoxy-, and total haemoglobin concentration changes in muscle and brain tissue. Some of our devices also provide the tissue saturation index, an absolute measure of tissue oxygenation. When NIRS is applied on the scalp, the aforementioned measures can be directly translated into local cortical brain activity. NIRS can also be combined with EEG, but in comparison to this and other neuroimaging techniques, NIRS is not as susceptible to movement artefacts. In addition, most of our devices are lightweight and wearable, allowing to obtain robust data in many real-life scenarios without restrictions. The characteristics just described make NIRS and our devices very suitable to use also with young and more sensitive populations, such as new-borns, infants or toddlers, for whom flexibility and comfort are of the outmost importance. Many of our devices are availaible in both an adult and mini/baby version, creating the ideal set-up for research during the perinatal period, and also allowing to conduct hyperscanning studies in a straightforward manner. All in all, our goal is to make optical imaging easy! We'd love to talk about how our devices can help with your research. You are more than welcome to join our workshop and to come to our booth for a talk and a live demo.
Mangold International is a world leading provider of software and hardware for all kind of psychology areas. This includes coding and analysis software, but also professional lab setups. Mangold products allow researchers from various disciplines to quickly perform their studies using live observation, video-based analysis, physiological data analysis and more. Mangold Labs integrate the latest hardware and software technologies. We offer synchronized video and sensor data acquisition, integrated analysis, and include all services like planning, on-site installation and long-term support. This makes Mangold your one-stop-shop for your research lab with more than 30 years of experience. Discover more at
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Thank you to all of our sponsors, who have generously supported ISDP Student & Postdoc Member Travel Awards as well as selected Symposium Speaker’s travel.  Funding for these awards was generously provided by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human DevelopmentNIH Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research (OBSSR)John Wiley and Sons Publishing, (publishers of the ISDP’s official journal, Developmental Psychobiology, the Division of Developmental Neuroscience in Psychiatry at Columbia University,  MagstimEGIBrain Vision, LLCThe Trust Insurance Programs, ANT NeuroZero to Three and the members of the ISDP. Thanks to all our generous sponsors and exhibitors!