2022 Rovee-Collier Mentor Award Winner: Clancy Blair, PhD, MPH

Dr. Blair has been awarded the 2022 ISDP Rovee-Collier Mentor Award in recognition of the compassionate and committed nature of Clancy’s mentorship throughout his career. Clancy Blair’s profound impact on numerous rising scholars has enriched the future of Developmental Psychobiology.

Call for Abstracts: Special Issue on Mechanisms of Developmental Plasticity

Call for Abstracts: Special Issue
Mechanisms of Developmental Plasticity

Throughout development, animals incur rapid changes in their body, brain, environment, and life experiences. Plasticity in different regions of the nervous system supports developmental changes in behavior across ontogeny, providing a rich substrate for continual adaptation to the environment.

ISDP President Megan Gunner Presents the ISDP 2022 Hybrid Meeting Welcome Video

ISDP President, Megan R. Gunnar, explains the ISDP 2022 Hybrid Meeting format and reviews the program to take place at the Catamaran Resort Hotel & Spa in San Diego and on our Virtual Platform, November 9-11, 2022. All meeting content will be available on-demand for one month following the meeting. Currently nearly 350 participants are registered, with 285 in-person and the rest virtually.
Please visit the Meeting Portal https://pheedloop.com/ISDP2022/site/.

How to set up your iPoster for ISDP 2022 Hybrid Meeting

How to set up your iPoster We will keep the Virtual iPoster Sessions separate from the in-person Poster Sessions. All poster authors will be required to also create an iPoster in the ipostersessions.com, which can either be a simple pdf upload of your in-person poster as well as using the full iPoster templates for more in-depth information. Our interactive iPoster platform will make it easy for authors to create presentations that bring their research to life – whether presented virtually online or live onsite in San Diego.