Welcome to the ISDP Conference Coordinator Elect – Julie Campbell

ISDP Conference Coordinator, Sonia A. Cavigelli (L) and Program Director, Amy Learmonth (R) at ISDP 2018 in San Diego.

Please welcome Julie Campbell, the ISDP Conference Coordinator-Elect! Julie has been a member of ISDP for 11 years. As a student, she served ISDP as the Student Representative for two years. She is currently serving on the Publications Committee for ISDP. As a member of the publication committee, Julie has been helping to plan and implement new ways to connect the authors and readers of our journal via our social media outlets. Julie received her Ph.D. under the tutelage of Dr. George Michel at the University of North Carolina Greensboro in 2015, and completed a pre-doctoral fellowship at the Center for Developmental Science at UNC-Chapel Hill in 2014. In 2015-2016, she served as the assistant to the editor for Developmental Psychobiology, working closely with the editor and authors during the manuscript review process.

Julie is an Assistant Professor in the developmental and quantitative areas of the psychology department at Illinois State University. She teaches courses in infant, child, and adolescent development, as well as experimental research methods. Her research addresses developmental issues in hemispheric specialization, lateralization, handedness, motor development, and quantitative methods. She is interested in applying a developmental psychobiological approach to the investigation of these topics, and is especially concerned with how the development of the lateralization of functions relate to other simultaneously developing systems. Within the broad topic of lateralization, she has focused on unimanual and bimanual hand use, role-differentiated bimanual manipulation, tool use, construction, language, and embodied cognition. Additionally, she is particularly interested in applying new quantitative methodologies to developmental studies.

ISDP Conference Coordinator Position Responsibilities

The responsibility of the Conference Coordinator is to oversee smooth delivery of the meeting program. The majority of work occurs in the month before the meeting and during the meeting itself. To provide an ideal program, the Conference Coordinator works closely with the Program Director, the Central Office, and the support staff at the conference venue. Specific work includes managing society-owned audiovisual equipment, organizing and training conference volunteers, and providing onsite assistance to conference speakers, session coordinators, and the Program Director. In addition, the Coordinator seeks feedback from society members and conference attendees to initiate methods to improve overall quality of program delivery on site.

ISDP Conference Coordinator Elect Position Responsibilities

The Conference Coordinator Elect assists the Conference Coordinator for one conference to become familiar with the duties and responsibilities. In the absence or incapacity of the Conference Coordinator, the Coordinator Elect assumes the duties of the Conference Coordinator.