Megan Rosamond Gunnar, PhD
Institute of Child Development
Associate Director, Center for Neurobehavioral Development
Adjunct Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

Fourteen of her previous trainees, from undergraduates
to current trainees to those of whom have established careers in academia. Megan is an ambassador for women and trains young female scholars to assert themselves and strive for the highest achievements, I could not think of anyone better to guide young women in academia. Dr. Gunnar is an amazing mentor who respects, understands, motivates, and supports students with diverse backgrounds. I am not the first BIPOC student who has benefited from Dr. Gunnar’s mentoring, and I am sure I will not be the last. I have not found a single professor since that I would place in the same category as Megan Gunner. She is the epitome of mentorship and scholarly activity. 

Nominations submitted by:

  1. Dr. Brie Reid (Brown University) &
  2. Dr. Jena Doom (University of Denver). 

    These include current mentees: 
  3. Hope Thilges (Undergraduate, University of Minnesota)
  4. Finola Kane-Grade (Graduate Student, University of Minnesota),
  5. Danruo Zhong (Graduate Student, University of Minnesota), Department of Psychiatry & Human Behavior
    Division of Clinical Psychology, Clinical Psychology Training Programs at Brown
  6. Mariann Howland (Graduate Student, University of Minnesota). 

    These also include former mentees: 
  7. Dr. Emma Adam (Northwestern University), 
  8. Dr. Carol Cheatham (UNC Chapel Hill),
  9. Dr. Elysia Davis (University of Denver), 
  10. Dr. Michelle de Haan (University College London), 
  11. Dr. Camilla Hostinar (UC Davis), 
  12. Dr. Nicole Perry (UT Austin), 
  13. Dr. Nicole Talge (Michigan State), 
  14. Dr. Amanda Tarullo (Boston University) 

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