Available Postdoctoral Research position working in the Developmental Neuropsychobiology Laboratory at Northeastern University in Boston!

Dr. Heather Brenhouse (ISDP Governing Board member) and her lab are looking for our new Postdoctoral Research Fellow.  Join us!  Investigate neurocircuitry and neuroimmune development through early life and adolescence in an animal model, to identify targets for sex-specific intervention or support following childhood adversity.  Begin by working on an NIH-funded project using chemogenetic manipulation to identify causative mechanisms underlying heightened threat responsiveness and altered threat circuitry after early life trauma.  Many collaboration opportunities with on-campus leaders in adolescent clinical research as well.
You can expect:
-Devoted mentorship towards your scientific and professional advancement
-A friendly group of collaborative and fun-loving colleagues 
-An extended group of collaborative human and animal labs studying sex differences, adolescent development, and early life adversity 
The successful candidate will posses an expertise in one or more of the following:
-Rat models of behavior (Acoustic Startle and USV analyses a plus) 
-Stereotaxic surgery/chemogenetics 
-Developmental neuroscience 
-Gene expression analyses (RNAscope, rtPCR, etc) 
All who are interested can email Dr. Brenhouse at [email protected]