Robust Developmental EEG Practices from Collection to Analysis Workshop Sponsored by MagstimEGI – Watch On-Demand

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Laurel Joy Gabard-Durnam, PhD
, Northeastern University, Boston, United States
Trey Avery, Ph.D., Magstim / EGI

This workshop will address how to collect and analyze high-density EEG in developmental populations with Magstim EGI systems and the Harvard Automated Processing Pipeline for Electroencephalography (HAPPE) software. Current best practices and strategies to promote robust, standardized data collection and analysis will be emphasized. Participants will be guided through processing publicly available developmental Magstim EGI data or their own data through HAPPE 2.0 software for resting-state EEG (HAPPE pipeline) and ERP analyses (HAPPE+ER pipeline). The workshop is suitable for both novice and experienced EEG users.