Tania L. Roth, President-Elect

Tania L. Roth, PhD

Professor and Chair
Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences
University of Delaware 

Dr. Tania Roth is Professor and Chair of the Psychological and Brain Science at the University of Delaware. Her research program is focused on defining epigenetic mechanisms responsible for environmental influences on CNS gene activity, development of behavior, and psychiatric disorder. She has been a member of ISDP since 2000, has served as ISDP board member, and is currently an Associate Editor (Learning, Memory, Genetics, and Epigenetics) of Developmental Psychobiology, which all place her in a good position to make a positive contribution to the society as President. The President position holds appeal as an exciting opportunity and challenge to lead and help advance a great society. She would advocate mentorship and career development activities for younger members and meeting attendees and would welcome the opportunity to lead efforts to infuse diversity and inclusion into the society and discipline.