Free, FAIR data set at the ISDP Annual Meeting in Utrecht

The YOUth Cohort Study provides an extensive longitudinal data set on brain and behavioral development from two cohorts:  Baby & Child (pregnancy – 7 years, n > 2800) and Child & Adolescent (8 – 16 years, n > 1300). These data include 3D-ultrasound sweeps of the fetal brain, eye-tracking data, EEG, (f)MRI, computer tasks, cognitive measurements and parent-child observations. We also collect a broad range of questionnaires on behaviour, personality, health, lifestyle, parenting, child development, use of (social) media and more, as well as biomaterials including (umbilical) blood samples, buccal swabs, saliva and hair samples. YOUth fosters open, sustainable research with large sample sizes: data are available for GDPR-compliant use in research through safe, managed access. Requesting data is simple: submit your proposal and select the data you request with just a few clicks via our online data request system. For more information, please visit