Planning is underway for ISDP 2023 to be a Hybrid Meeting following on the successes of 2021 and 2022 with improvements!

Attendee surveys have made it clear that ISDP members like to have the option to participate virtually in the Annual Meeting so we will continue this format in 2023 in Utrecht. Virtual attendees still feel left out and we are looking at ways to better integrate the virtual attendees with the in-person ones, without lowering the experience of those on-site. The biggest challenge is the poster sessions. GatherTown is very popular but we have to somehow bring together ALL poster presenters into the GatherTown in a way that does not take time away from in-person networking or the in-person poster sessions. 

Many of the 2022 iPosters are still available for browsing, contact can be made with the authors, we invite you to click below for FULL ACCESS to the ISDP 2022 iPoster Gallery:

Explore the ISDP 2022 iPosters – Click Image Above for Full Access

PheedLoop virtual platform & mobile app combined with Gather.Town for poster networking sessions!

What Attendees have said about the Hybrid Meeting format:

Keeping a hybrid mix would be great however, there are some challenges because there are so many posters across a couple of poster sessions. I think iPoster is a great resource even if you’re in-person because it gives you a chance to see what posters you may be interested in ahead of time. One possible suggestion: Use all the resources that you had this year (in-person poster session, iPoster for sharing electronic copies of posters, hybrid meeting app, etc.) but additionally set aside a hybrid meeting time(s) to give virtual and in-person attendees more opportunity to interface and ask each other questions about posters, talks, etc. or even just network. Even if it’s brief meeting, it may give virtual attendees a chance to be a bit more in the loop and learn more about what’s happening at the conference. 


Appreciate the hybrid option. I had planned to attend in person and last minute emergency made that impossible. The ability to still engage and have access to the conference was wonderful.


Covid is dying down – the face to face aspect is so important, however, a livestream functionality is always nice to have for those that can’t travel for some reason or other


I seldom make time to go back and watch recorded presentations. The appointment of “catch it now!” and being able to interact (even by chat) is key to feeling like you actually attended.