The Stress Neurobiology and Prevention (SNAP) lab, directed by Dr. Philip Fisher, housed within the Center for Translational Neuroscience at the University of Oregon, is searching for a Postdoctoral Scholar with expertise in infancy, parenting, early adversity and/or early childhood education. We are particularly interested in candidates who want to gain experience in conducting and evaluating randomized controlled trials of parenting interventions. Feel free to contact me directly with questions ([email protected]). More info below:

Position Summary
The Postdoctoral Scholar will conduct and assist in work related to projects examining the efficacy and effectiveness of caregiver-supported interventions for families experiencing adversity. This position is ideal for candidates interested in translational neuroscience and who express strong interest in both behavioral and neurobiological intervention outcomes for caregivers and children. The position is part of the Stress Neurobiology and Prevention (SNAP) lab, housed within the Center for Translational Neuroscience (CTN) at the University of Oregon. Under the direction of Dr. Philip Fisher, director of both the SNAP lab and CTN, the primary responsibility of the Postdoctoral Scholar will be to develop, write, and publish manuscripts using existing datasets from large, randomized-controlled trials of parenting interventions. In addition, the Postdoctoral Scholar will assist with planning and data collection of an upcoming randomized-controlled trial, as well as contribute to the preparation of future grant proposals. 

Minimum Requirements
• PhD in clinical/development psychology, neuroscience or a related discipline.
• Strong record of publications (including first-author manuscripts) in peer-reviewed journals.
• Extensive experience with acquiring, analyzing, and interpreting research data, and summarizing findings via written reports and oral presentations.

Professional Competencies
• Strong computer, statistical, and technical skills (SPSS, Qualtrics, Matlab, Python, R, SPM, FSL, AFNI, or similar platforms).
• Excellent scientific writing skills.

Preferred Qualifications
• Strong ability to work independently when preparing manuscripts for publication.
• Previous experience with analysis of intervention data (i.e., randomized controlled trial) or longitudinal data.
• Topical expertise in early adversity, prevention science, infant and child development, and parenting.
• Proficiency with advanced statistical analyses (e.g., linear mixed modeling, structural equation modeling).
• Previous experience with analyses and interpretation of neural measures (e.g., EEG/fMRI) and biological measures (e.g., cortisol).
• Previous management experience either during graduate training (e.g. managing a team of undergraduates) or during previous employment.
• Experience in the planning, implementation, and tracking of a research project comprising multiple assessments.

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Tyson V. Barker, PhD
Postdoctoral Scientist
Stress Neurobiology and Prevention Lab
Center for Translational Neuroscience
University of Oregon
[email protected]